Offer your customers
quick on the spot purchases
with text messaging

How it Works

Shop & Pop is a text message-initiated mobile ordering platform that gives customers the ability to place quick on-the-spot orders.


Text the posted number to begin the process


Place your order and pay with credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay


Staff will bring the order to your car, your table, etc. Or, you'll receive a message that it's ready for pick-up


Shop & Pop offers your customers self-serve ordering without investing in an app, kiosks or a drive-thru. It works in-store and at the curbside: it turns a customer's phone into a kiosk, and a parking spot into a drive-thru.

The advantage of this approach is that it begins with a text message, a familiar and frictionless medium that doesn't require installing an app or creating an account.


Our technology provides:

  1. Text message-based chatbot to initiate the process
  2. Mobile e-commerce solution for completing the purchase quickly
  3. Back-office tablet app to manage inventory and fulfill orders as fast as possible

Benefits for Businesses

  • Reduce and speed-up lines at the counter by having customers complete orders from their car, table, or while standing nearby
  • Compete with larger retailers by offering self-serve ordering without investing in kiosks or an app
  • Increase sales: research shows self-serve orders are often larger
  • Maximize retail space during physical distancing by encouraging purchases from the car or while standing nearby
  • Provide a drive-thru-like service for locations that don't physically support drive-thrus
  • Gain insight into repeat purchases

What You Need

Designated area with marked spots or tables (optional)

A list of your products

A payment processing account

Be ready to receive and fulfill orders on-the-spot